Sunday, January 29, 2006

Its two month since my first and last entry on this blog! This was meant to be the space where i'd key in random thoughts. An attempt to see the link between these 'moments of truth' that i stumble upon while cleaning sanah's potty, feeding her for the nth time in the day, while gurgling to her, while making up nonsense rhymes!

But to key in those thoughts one needs to be all there- not distracted, not exhausted, and definitely not smitten by a tiny baby wiggling on her tummy! And to be a blogger one needs to have internet at home! six months after moving into the house, many things are still not in place- a couple of cartons in the study remain unopened, internet needed, doors to be repaired, a visit to the nursery at borivali national park for plants, the mess in the writing desk to be sorted - the list goes on!

But apart from getting moony over Sanah, i have managed a bit... sent off the proposal for one last attempt at raising post production money for my film... working on a couple of fiction tv proposals...a LOT of socialising- Sanah is one hell of a party animal... films...Sanah's first documentaries at a Vikalp screening- Sameera Jain's film on the crafts museum and PK's film on Madhubani... her first film in the cinema hall-Bluffmaster ... life has got back to normal except for a very scattered work schedule, and an unbelievable obsession with the washing machine through the day- now sanah's clothes and nappies, now our laundry!

Both Ajay and Sarada keep asking whats happening with my blog. So today, as i sit at the computer with loads of work to complete - the story outline to be presented tomorrow morning- and a response to the questions raised about my post production proposal from the funders - and an abstract for my presentation at a censorship seminar - i turn to my blog ! no deadline, no pressure to write the perfect something - just ramblings that hardly anyone might stumble onto. is that what a blog is all about?

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Mukul said...

aha!!!! i found your blog! very happy i am. write more often.