Friday, March 17, 2006

a belated holi to all.
sanah's first holi- she wasnt frightened by the coloured faces. looked quizzical though. And she did not mind george taking her through the rain dance shower. i thought she might cry. but she clearly loves water. her baths are long elaborate affairs, with a lot of splashing.

Went and saw Brokeback Mountain in the evening. Sanah was pretty enthralled for the first fifteen minutes or so. Then got restless and did not wat to sleep either. George took her out for a bit and after that she slept all through. I was pretty stunned with the film, did not expect such a quietly heartbreaking film. Beautifully made. Caringly crafted. But i miss seeing elaborate mise-en-scenes during dialogue sequeces. Its all about cuts, yes, evocatively framed, yet one dialogue cuts to the next.

My fragility, irritation is under check at the moment. Most importantly because at the end of the day george and i can laugh about it. Also because i have FINALLY got my editing going! My caribbean film. Editing the Denise Belfon sequence. Denise Belfon is this soca star of Trinidad who collaborated with remo on a song - 'I am the indian man you are looking for'. The previous Carnival she had a hit song ' I am looking for an Indian man. Remo responded to that song. Its fun, and she is fantastic. While i edit Sanah cant stop laughing and gurgling at Denise.

Niraj Voralia came and got me started. I have known him since '89 and though we seldom meet, his aura of warmth remains as stong as ever. One big warm presence! I loved what he did with the Sophia student films.

I must say i am most in awe of editors - not camera persons, not sound recordist, and definitely not directors. I reall think its the editors who can challenge directors and bring a new vision to the material. I have been lucky to work with Jabeen, Sujata, Ajith - all three have made me question my material in very different ways. Thats why i really hope i can manage some funds for this film -so i can work with an editor and not edit alone!


Mukul said...

funny you should say this about editors.. i'm kind of feeling left out.. but you are right, as i too have been feeling that i stopped fighting with (surely theres a better term..) directors soon after ftii and kumar talkies. also shotting schedules rarely allow you to discuss many things while shooting. thought i had become passive..

surabhi said...

i think dv has made us limit our discussions on shot design. our discussions on shoots is more about what to shoot and hw rather than shooting styles. thats why i am feeling exceedingly bored of DV now!

Batul said...

Yes, I too feel DV does limit one so much. I was very excited about it when we all started. But I don't think it can contain us for long. And oh the pleasure of working with an editor. DV is boring also because it tends to be too much DIY. I love working with people, and hate slogging all alone.