Monday, March 27, 2006

just put some screwed up days behind me! had a ridiculously painful stiff neck for the past three days! lots of nasty fights with the obvious!

work front was better though- made my presentation- dont know if i will get the funds- but i enjoyed making the presentation. am enjoying my material thoroughly!

and presentation to tv channel was pretty good too - though it was in an unbelievably warm room- i thought i was going to pass out -especially since i was the one doing the talking. presentations to tv channels is all about 'narration' . basically the writer as the performer -imagine having to read the five to ten pages that you have written.with two to three critical/disinterested faces in front of you. you can not read, my friend, you perform! and as you see the interest waning, you begin changing the things you have written to get their attention back. desperate script/proposal changing happens as you speak. its important to remember those changes, because after the meeting, you need to put the changes down on paper! thank god for my theatre training- thanks sunil, thanks dubeyji! did not know that all those years of acting on stage would be the training ground for me doing 'narrations' in stuffy channel meeting rooms!

saw' being cyrus'. saif is really trying to reinvent himself. really nicely shot. but the film is so embarassingly kiddish in its plot- and resolution. film noir? you have got to be kidding.

and my dear sanah- wore her pink and purple bikini- and was dipped into the swimming pool by her nani-my mom! she was unbelivable- splashed the water with her legs like a natural swimmer. Not a trace of fear. she loved every minute.

she also had her frist injury few days back- grabbed the rice on my plate seconds after i had served myself. the hot sticky rice stuck to her finger and burnt the finger. my poor baby got a little blister which broke today. killed me.

and since my last posting , there have been a lot of nasty, silly fights. so basically am wiped out!
but my little sanah is going to be a swimmer- change my wannabe bhachindra pal to nisha millet!

will post the pix tomorrow.


anita & amit said...

eeyuch - i hear u! saw being cyrus... terrible, terrible filum. so amateurish. and what a waste of naseer and poor, caricatured dimple (i think lilette dubey might've been better). hey, send me ur mail address... hope sanaah is well.

Mukul said...

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