Saturday, March 18, 2006

tight hugs from sanah. when will she learn to kiss me back? as of now she crawls madly towards me, gurgling and laughing, keeps trying to climb me like i am a mountain to be conquered. i call her my bhachindra pal. she loves the cafechino (???) ad- the one with priyanka and kareena. she laughs out loud.
she loves her stewed apple. occasionally loves boiled gobi and carrots. slurps at the first food stuff sushma sent. does not like banana or khichdi. loved boiled dudhi.
she is also back to waking up a couple of ties at night for a feed. until her fifth month we slept through the night. ever since she began crawling she has been waking up a couple of times, and does not like her crib. wants to snuggle upto george and me.i wake up bombed every morning. but that little body curled up against me is the most beautiful thing t wake up to. but i'd welcome unbroken sleep. i really cant do without an afternoon nap. when i do miss it, which is pretty often , i am wiped out by evening.

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