Friday, April 21, 2006

sanah meets Joshua


anja said...

darling pics of Sanah..sorry she was sick, I remember the desperation my sis felt when her baby was ill the first time, I hated to see the baby with no energy. I'm sure she'll get better soon. I am trudging along here, had our first hospital tour. Was very nervous initially with the reality of it all but the nurse was a very funny gay man who had me in splits the whole time, so now I'm bolder..the birth is inevitable and I know my body will be smarter than my mind when the time comes. thanks for your earlier wishes on my blog. what are u working on in bombay? do u direct for tv? i'm curious coz i'm a filmmaker too, if its too wierd to tell a stranger that's cool=)

Mukul said...

aw sweet baby!!