Friday, May 05, 2006

So i will be editing my caribbean film alone! yet another rejection of my proposal. damn!

and Sanah's preoccupation is catching water! during her bath she giggles away when she can not catch the stream of water gushing out of the tap ( i make things more complicated by making the soap wet and she goes nuts trying to get hold of the soap after she abandons the water). If she is without a nappy and she pees, and we dont see it right away, she tries to hold the puddle of pee! and there is the pool -that is just the most dramatic paradigm shift - it makes her squeal and shout in disbelief...

i remain addicted to rohan's blog and i remain unable to post comments. he wondered how all our babies reacted to geeta's film. Geeta's beautiful aimation film, painted rainbow. the first time sanah saw it(yes, this was her second viewing!) her responses were lovely, she shouted out in glee everytime the colours came on or music came on. it was a treat to watch. this time the silver screws at the bottom of the seats in dimple auditorium were far more fascinating than the film thats going to cannes! as she grows i hope to see her form her own opinion about the work all of us do- she could love it, hate it, critique it,question it- my horror is that she will be indiferent to it and maybe shrug her shoulder and say 'whatever...'!!! the two shiny screws at the bottom of the seat may just be the ominous sign that thats what she might do. the saving grace was when the music of eechak daana came on she tried to madly crawl towards the screen.

but it was fun to be at the screening with meha, maya and sanah! the babies in our midst.

and here is the link to more of tina modotti's photographs

She was a contemporary of Diego Riveira and Frida Kahlo in Mexico.

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