Monday, June 12, 2006

long silence on my blog... plenty of reasons - suddenly was plagued by anxiety about who all were reading my stray thoughts ... a very exhausting month- no maid- no george- editing eight hours a day...confusion about what a blog should do...confusion about choices george and i have to make...the bottom line was i suddenly felt blogs were a peverse way of exhibiting unformed thoughts and ideas ( since all my idea when written seem unformed!). while i enjoyed reading other blogs i found mine overrun with mommy stories.

today is no different. sanah chewed on a large piece of raw onion as if her life depended on it. she eats only adult food- the more squishy and bland her food the more force she uses to spit it out. yes, she spits it out with a venom that makes me want to weep at best- usually i just go mad with rage. especially since she spits on a floor that i would have just finished swabbing- and its food i would have cooked thats being given such a nasty treatment!

but , knock on wood, she eats well.

and she oversees my editing very keenly. diksha, is the new entry into our lives. supposed to be training with me- but the sole reason why i am able to work so intensely. i think she is training me to get back into a professional routine! thank god for her.

meanwhile george is in a quandry about things...

the two day student film festival at vikalp was a huge success. great turn out- lovely films. but when will we be able to watch non mainstream films in a place where sweat does not blur our eyes, where subtitles are visible and not devoured by the collar of the person sitting in front, etc etc, you know what i mean...i could not see most films but the srishti film 'zulmat' is stunning! and yes, jabeen is right, ftii and srfti films are a treat simply because there are students training to be sound recordists- what a difference that makes.

since my world is limited to sanah, my edit and other blogs- my two bits about other blogs. the reason i read rohan's blog so intently is simply because his notes on mumbai city are not limited to central and south bombay. his writings on the suburbs-vasai, mira rd etc gives a fantastic insight into the planning( non-planning) of the city. most of the city lives in the suburbs and only south and central mumbai is visible in research/books/film etc etc... meanwhile the khataus have sold their land in kandivali for some obscene amount. what that means is that my lovely view of the borivali national park will go!

one observation- have you noticed the crazy number of ambulances one encounters between borivali and andheri on the highway- stuck in the endless traffic jams? the number of public hospitals in this long stretch can be counted on one hand!


Space Bar said...

Sur, do a blog roll on the side, so one can go to the other blogs you read.

yes, i know what you mean about these sudden doubts one ahs about blogging. I had a blog some time in OCtobr, which i have since deleted. At the time, I had no clear idea about waht I wanted to do.

Sometimes, I still don't have a clear idea! But in general, I know better what I'd like my blog to be. It takes a lot of time, though...

Good luck with the edit. It took me so many ages to get back to work--you're lucky to be able to edit from home etc. etc.

And thanks for dropping by my blog!

Batul said...

Surabhi, Good to see you back. Though I have these doubts about blogging as well, I do enjoy reading your "unformed thoughts". And your Sanah stories. I think blogs are a place to write the kind of stuff that wouldn't find place in more formal printed media, etc.

Anil P said...

It really does not matter who reads the blog, suppose, to know that there are people who might relate to your thoughts is reason enough to have a blog, if nothing else.