Thursday, October 05, 2006

it is one of those rare mornings when sanah is asleep and i have not begun work- and the house is empty! seemed like a good time to visit my blog.

my 80 hours of footage has been pared down to a little over four hours- i might even have a three hour assembly/rough cut ready in the next few days but something eludes me. ideas about the larger design of the film remain sketchy and incomplete. The basic issues that remained unresolved during the shoot come back to trouble me. remo's journey and a musical journey that i see continue to remain at odds with each other. and though i do not attempt to weave it together or to smoothen out the tensions between the two - there is an abruptness when i move and back and forth- a rupture of sorts- that remains problematic.

and sanah- she points to everything- what she wants, where she wants to go, what she wants to see... her appetite for wanting is insatiable. i look at her point and remember the nuns in my convent school- "never point a finger, dont forget three fingers point back at you". i never understood that line. but sanah's pointing fingers lead me onto new trails that she lays out for me. more often than not i lose my way in her maze like trails but we both seem to have fun.

a walk down marine drive on a friday evening with sanah. she is the queen, stopping to wave at each person sitting on the parapet. and most people respond by waving back. she loves it. and the horses send her into a tizzy. horses named bijli( whatelse!) etc gaze back at her clapping wildly. the horse carriage drivers indulge her by feeding the horses and cooing back to her about their handsome horses. She is suitably impressed.

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