Saturday, October 14, 2006

thats all this blog needs to be certified boring- descriptions of food for babies! but this is a serious preoccupation of mine... thinking of what to feed sanah.

if she likes baked potato today she shoves it away with disdain the next day. steamed veggies at lunch and they are food from hell at dinner. plain rice eaten with relish and not looked at for days on end. roti with ghee is acceptable and then roti with anything , in any form is spat out with such force i could weep! and ofcurse we are now onto eating independently! so anything slushy/mushy is out- basically all the easy to cook suji kheer/ oats/ ragi is promptly splashed all around the feeding chair and efficiently squished onto hair, face, clothes( both mine and hers), table- you get the drift...given that i have to clean up after each such attack these great healthy foods are banned for now!

i rack my brain before every meal. prepare a couple of different things to please madam! more often than not if the food is rejected i wolf it down ( nostalgic comfort food!) . sanah prances away and i steel myself for the next meal!

and day before i invented a great one stop dish that sanah can eat by heraelf - ragi pancakes! egg-milk and ragi all rolled into one- so no maida - can we get healthier and yummier... with butter or jaggery or stewed apple! i pat myself on the back- i have survived two breakfasts and one dinner with this great invention!

all you parents out there phone in/ email/comment on tried and tested recipes... and all ye non parents rummage through your memories of comfort food and contact me!

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