Saturday, October 28, 2006

Was reading Rohan's blog and discovered( a trifle too late if i might add) that the fun of a blog is regular daily updates. Blogs are not meant to ponder over what has happened, wisdom and insight is not what one is looking for in a blog. An immediate response to the day's events maps out a certain understanding of the bloggers take on things/life. That is meaningful. Rohan is close to home so that is obviously interesting but i stumbled upon a bikers' blog somewhere in the US i think. A group of them preening over their cycles and their riding trips. its fantastic.

I had set out to blog Sanah's days and mine as a mother - also a kind of diary to print out for her( am sure that will never happen). Actually daily updates would have been fun for me and possibly for her when she grows up. And the daily updates would have liberal doses of descriptions of potty, food, spilling things, falling down -and me wailing/laughing/feeling lost/in control/fainting with fatigue/picking myself up... an entry every fortnight is plain boring...and i really have no wisdom or insight that i can articulate...

i ahve just got back from a relaxed trip in goa- writing every day on what sanah did-how she reacted would have been fun- now what do i say- we had a blast- she is a certified water baby- has manic levels of energy- and is madly hungry for every new experience! pfahhh! thats no fun!

i give myself this week to attempt a daily entry -or then this blog shall be history!

meanwhile an ftii photo i found on the net!

minu, hansu, neeraj, jain and ofcourse me- i can barely recognise the rest- yes, ajay p.b.!

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isn't saboo james one of the guys next to ajay?

and, while talking about mommy blogs, and blogging regularly, do check out my firend's blog:

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