Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The feeding-to-sleep at night is now history ( i think).Today i began 'the abandon morning nap feed' plan. It is much tougher than the night weaning because i dont have the time to make the transition easy for her. It has to be the 'cry all you want, and when you tire, you sleep' method!

As you can see this weaning process is a slow drawn out method, rather than the common sense 'do it one go -brutally' method. The method i am using draws from the child led 'la leche league' method, and partially from 'i am too busy to stop work and distract sanah from wanting a feed' method... its taking forever , but its not without its little success, loads of entertaining moments, some bit of painful engorgement, and the hormones going a bit haywire( yet again!!!).

and now i have to begin weaning myself from my material and brutally lop off another one hour! MK, RS, AN you guys saw a 4.30 hour cut - one week later its down to 3.30 hrs.