Thursday, November 09, 2006

its 9.45 pm. Sanah is asleep 45 minutes later than her usual sleep time if there are no guests at home and if we are not out gallavanting with her. The big leap forward is that she slept without a feed, with not one tear shed and with me around. Infact it was me that made her nod off without THE BREAST! A hot water bath and 45 minutes of story reading -suffused with all my theatre training, my off key singing, and my unfulfilled aspirations of becoming a dub artist for cartoons- and thats it, Sanah was asleep.

Step by step, i reclaim my body. And yet, i feel the loss more powerfully than her.

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Space Bar said...

aha!!! congrats! (though i can't say i felt the loss...there was always somethign new to do the familiar tug)