Tuesday, December 19, 2006

And yet again a month has passed without a single entry on the blog. this is most tiresome- not being able to key in an entry as soon as i begin composing it in my head!

But lots has happened in the past month. weaning is complete! amd though sanah wakes up at night she goes back to sleep on her own without either of us having to carry her etc. So the dark circles and the acute exhaustion shall surely fade away very soon. yipee!

sanah and i went on our first train trip alone. i really dont know why i was nervous ( we are really spoilt mothers !!!).one forgets that generally people love kids and more importantly are good with them. two punjabi uncles and two bengali aunties took over entertaining sanah, taking care of her when i needed to go the loo. it was perfectly fine.

a gem from the train trip: two punjabi uncles have been pushed into the role of reading to sanah, by sanah herself. she has a little book called water animals, with the name of the creature and a photograph. she tunrs the pages and you have to read out its name. there is a photo of a puffin. one punjabi uncle to the other: whats a pauffin i had never heard of it. second punjabi uncle: can not be a real animal. must be a toy. first punjabi uncle: arrey, its a children's book, they wont lie in a children's book.

bela organised a picnic birthday party for her two sons. she had designed the most beautiful games. she ha made little lady birds and caterpillars and hidden them all over the spot at the national park. the children had a blast scrounging around under pebbles and dry leaves. and the game that they really enjoyed on was the one where they had to find all the kachra and put it in the dust bin. was so wonderful to see the effort and thought bela had put into the whole thing.

my film is less than three hours. but just not able to knock off another 30 mins. need help.

i waged a battle with hutch. no one won. but i did change to airtel so now i have a new number. believe it or not they do not clear their drop boxes! three weeks ago i put in my cheque payment. i figured that no one had cleared the drop box- ten complaints- over two weeks- later they disconnect the phone without warning, having taken no action on my complaints- not sending a person home to collect an interim payment nothing. i promised them i would drop the next cheque in the same drop box that they dont clear! pointless battle. And this was around the same time that i saw a discovery docu on indian call centres. its an absurd situation on both ends.

and meera's husband passed away. michael's sister passed away. a close family friend of my aunt ( her biggest support after her husband passed away) passed away.

and susan and josey adopted a baby girl, have named her ruth. she came home last week. so the year ends on a hopeful note.

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Space Bar said...

i need your new number! (mail it to me). and bela's games sound wonderful...

wish we were in the same city, ya.