Friday, December 29, 2006

battles fought- part two

who can advice me on consumer complaints? the only way i can end this battle is by filing a consumer complaint against hutch.

three phonecalls ( in ten minutes) later i have a throbbing vein in my head thats going to explode and kill me. i think my bp has just shot up. and i was screaming so hard into the phone i thought i was going to collapse!

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Space Bar said...

strongly suggest you move to prepaid. it makes life much, much simpler. regardless of who the service provider is, they all oursource to a bpo, and each time you call their helpline, someone different will answer the phone. they will tell you, please call back in five minutes, i'll check and tell you, and the next time you call, someone else will answer, to whom you have to repeat the whole, damn, sordid story once again.

hypertension guaranteed.

go prepaid.