Thursday, December 28, 2006

a clogged nose, heavy head and runny eyes is such a delicious time to revel in every nuance of being pissed off!

there is a taut whip lurking inside waiting to lash out at anything/anyone. and the beauty is that the flash of lucid anger is betrayed by a tongue thick with phlegm and doubt. all my anger would form into a tiny sharp barb and at the tongue it would melt into a mere snort. the snort would only make me look foolish and slobbery. so i shall hold my peace and maintain a dignified silence through this.


Space Bar said...

no, no, please no dignified silence. lash out all you like here. that's the beauty of the virtual world; no phlegm can stop a tongue-lashing from a beautifully precise snarkiness!

Rohan Shivkumar said...

i love the new posts

sonal said...

i love post this