Friday, December 22, 2006

it is possible for one word to encapsulate an entire language. i would not have thought it was possible, but it is. the word is BADAM. ( rhyming with kadam in hindi)

it can become badddddam when you want to be emphatic about the point you want to make.

you could use bad bad bad bad bad in an ascending high pitch pitches when you want to register a complaint.

you could roll your ddddds with or without the ba and the am when you are figuring out a complicated problem, both emotional and/or intellectual.

you could make the d silent , drop your pitch, when you want to profess deep undying love. but that has to accompanied with a very tight hug and kisses/love bites.

you could use all of the above in a long sentence/s when you are putting forth a complex theoretical position. ( you know what sanah and george's conversations must sound like! the most dense theory would pale in the face of this- what goes on between sanah and george)

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