Sunday, December 24, 2006

moral police

move over mr. navalkar , sanah is here.

she did it at marine drive, then at worli sea face and then at soul fry.

any and every cuddling, cootchie cooing couple will be targetted. the modus operandi is simple. stand behind a kissing couple on the sea face and coo/ screech/ poke/ clap your hands, whatever it takes to break them up and make them look back at her. then she gives a sweet, seemingly innocent smile. oh how well behaved and kind these couples are, instead of glaring, shooing her away they smile and try and coo back to her. both the girlfriend and the boy friend trying to exhibit to the other what a child magnet he/she is! without them realising it , sanah has broken up their moment of passion.

At soul fry she just strode upto the couple and demanded that they break their nuzzling! she made the poor guys the centre of attraction for the next ten minutes. no stolen kisses for them!

her parents have given up trying. she does not bother using charm on us. plain and simple frowing and shouting.

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Poppins said...

ROTFL. That was so sweet :) Shiv Sena would laud her !