Tuesday, December 19, 2006

much to my relief sanah loves books. and she knows that tearing newspapers is more fun than reading them. she tried to wipe her little pee puddle with the newspaper today, but since it was before i could read it i was mad. it was the sports page i really wanted to know what sreesanth did that made the umpires fine him. and it was soaking wet with pee so i just chucked it without getting the story.

but in the spirit of fostering her love for books i repeat words again and again and again...typical scene from my day- sanah points to the page in one of the books that has a drawing of a tooth brush, tooth paste and a hair brush atleast fifty two times , sometimes in quick succession, and i patiently name them. tooth paste, tooth brush , hair brush....again and again and again. its been a couple of days since she has begun brushing her own teeth, pretty well actually, and she has been brushing her hair by herself for quite a while now- so these three objects are much loved. so here i go again... toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush...

and my poor baby is foxed by the difference between pot and potty. her winnie the pooh book has eeyore who puts things in a pot. sanah would point to it and i would say' this is a pot' which would make her laugh and point to the bathroom. we did the routine a million times.

but she remembers simple stories and the gestures i make while i read them. but she will not speak! her latest addition to her sparse vocabulary is chiszzzz -for cheese. she devours it like a little rat!

and i got a fright yesterday. the mommies of one year + olds have all got their kids into play schools. i hadnt even thought about it. their kids can not speak, but will go to school for two hours, and for the first month the mommies have to sit outside for the two hours that the kids are inside!!! am i the only one who finds it all a bit absurd? yes, it would be nice for sanah to get a chance to be around other kids but i am not sure that the rest of it is necessary. hey you parents out there? please advice.

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