Thursday, December 21, 2006

she picks up my bag. hangs it around her neck ( dangerous, i know). makes me put on her shoes, which i do absentmindedly because i am on the phone. and then waves bye bye to me, sends me a flurry of flying kisses and walks off towards the door. we go through this routine almost everytime i am on the phone. ( that is if she does not disconnect the phone) . so apart from making her displeasure felt regarding my phone calls she is also announcing that she is ready to leave home.

a couple of trips to various play schools yesterday made me realise that. she made herself at home in each school! looked strangely at kids who bawled. and went about her business of exploring the school.

more importantly, am i ready to send her to school. not so soon honey. sameera put it perfectly, wait till the child is able to express heraelf- so she can tell you if she likes going to school, if there is something upsetting/frightening/annoying her.

so our discussion on alternative schools v/s neighbourhood schools continue. the schools i saw were fine ( though bloody expensive!) but mundane. those same rhymes and songs, the same cartoon characters painted on the walls, but enough good cheer to keep kids happy. an alternative school means spending a lot of time ferrying the kid back and forth. no friend in the area we live. for now it does not make sense.


Space Bar said...

good god! how old is sanah that you're even considering it? the longer you put it off the better it is, i say.

schools are best avoided altogether! check this out:

though all these alternatives take up much more of our time than we're willing to put in.

i've often thought that the best way is for parents who'd lke to see a different kind of learnign environment for their children, to get together and start one.

toughone, but.

Batul said...

Tough, tough, but it's always that. Yes, keep it on hold for as long as you can. I didn't send Aiman to playschool at all. Straight to Nursery. However, I don't think alternative schools are a good idea, unless they are around the corner.