Tuesday, February 13, 2007

its been ages since i felt like writing on my blog. a stray visit to one of the mommy blogs i visit regularly made me realise a very simple thing- my excruciating lower back ache, especially in the morning, is because of the spinal block give to me for my c-section!

its a bit ridiculous how completely up to date i am with every detail of sanah's development, all well read and armed with information about loads of things regarding her. and i had not checked up/ read up about my body. i know i have lost all my pregnancy weight simply because of all the exertion- not because of healthy exercise. that was not good. but chalo theek hai.

my back aches i put down to having to lift sanah a million times a day and sitting at the comp for nine hours a day. did nothing about it. just bit my lip in the early mornings when sanah would want to leave her crib and come to our bed- and i would have to lift her out of her crib.

energy levels by the evening dip so low that i put it down to working really hard through the day.

feeling blue, down, was easily mixed up with feelings - feeling impatient that the film is taking this long ( though i have really enjoyed working on the film), that i am isolated and not meeting friends/ not going out etc etc... i did not even think about anemia/low bp.

okay- the point of this long post- all through my pregnancy and post pregnancy i celebrated my body- reveled in it- reveled in its shape( psst esp the cleavage part...)...was inspired enough to make a film and all of that. but soon enough all of it was history. thats fine ( probably good)- why bore the world with a mommy film- its bad enough that there are a million mommy blogs ( but they are all delightful, if you ask me).

but the problem part- like all good indian women- i forgot my body .


Space Bar said...

this is the reason i completely refused an epidural during my c-sec. i insisted on general aneasthesia, because i know tons of women who have the same problem. docs never tell you all this beforehand, and i think they should.

hope you haven't stopped making your mommy film! who'll get bored?! look at my friend's blog: http://themadmomma.blogspot.com she's nominated for best blog in the indiebloggies (in which i am nominated for best humanieties blog, don't miss!)

but hope you're btter. worried about your low energies and all. do something about it!

The Mad Momma said...

ah..space bar sent you to visit me?! And naaaaah!!! surely you knew it was the spinal block.. i still limp from the last one...i believe yoga is the cure... will start it after i have this baby and am ready to exercise. if given badly the spinal injection leaves you with a bad ache. if given with a thick needles it gives a backache. if you dont lie flat for 24 hours after the surgery (without even a pillow) and raise your head to feed baby... thats right, say it with me YOU GET A BACH ACHE FOR LIFE!!!

And hey... I would love to watch ur mommy film. as I type this, someone is making one with me in it...

SURABHI said...

i knew that i would have back pain after the c-section. so i was really careful for months after and managed to be in control to a large extent. just did not realise that the back will be the weak link for life!

Space Bar said...

Which reminds me, Sur, what happened to your pregnant film? Apu said you'd abandoned it?