Sunday, March 04, 2007

after the quizzical look was the first tentative step... and then all was well! happy holi...
ps the yellow shoes- totally inappropriate for a child, i know i know. but she can wear these for short duration- she could wear these. they dont exist after today's revelry.


Space Bar said...

If they don't sueak, they're not inappropriate! They look very sweet!

guessing you had a very happy holi. hmm.


The Mad Momma said...

the shoes are perfectly fine... specially if you plan to use them during diwali and throw.. and what is with the looking at baby girl clothes everywhere and finding nothing appropriate..why do ppl assume ur little girl needs to dress like a tart in a shiny black skirt??? i like what ur little one is wearing... simple little clothes.

and nice pics... but what else to expect from a film maker?!

SURABHI said...

space bar
MY mad momma bought her both these yellow shoes AND squeaky shoes. and now s displays undying love for both my mom and her shoes!

and the mad momma - my pal keeps buying lovely simple frocks from delhi for s. will find out from where.