Wednesday, March 14, 2007

i have learned a new skill today thanks to my dear dear Space Bar
about space bar : she is super cool- gorgeous - and i have known her since 1992 when she photographed me as a sick TB patient ( was it TB ? i remember having to lie in bed and cough my guts out.) The slides were for a slideshow. Thats what we did in SCM then, a 20 minute slide show.

The students made films instead of slide shows for the first time last year. But the scripting style remains similar. Page divided into two - visual and audio. Good discipline for scripting but stumps me now. Never did it after SCM. The best thing about SCM was the faculty -it still is i think.

Cherubim writes in his latest post about teaching there. He gets the spelling wrong as a very sharp anonymous points out in the comments.
And the film he writes about- really very beautiful - 'mom and dad'. And what he teaches is called RTV by students- figure that one out !

One of my papers in college was POA. If you figure that one i will link you on my next post!


Space Bar said...

much joy! er...POA? Did we go to the same SCM or did I not take that paper?

Space Bar said...

sorry, but this TB thingy was nagging at me. tb? tb?! she said indignantly. nothign of the sort. it was...


when you get stressed, you get hacking coughs that wake you and other people up in the middle of the night, so that not only the shadows on the wall, but your general yellow, pale, washed-out countenance makes you look consumptive.

could that be what made you think of TB?

surabhi said...

not to worry space bar POA was in college -BA -not in SCM.

so no one ready to hazard a guess, eh?

oh yes, the AV was on stress. i suddenly remembered how much shelley cribbed about that.

ajay noronha said...

POA? wasn't it PHV?

surabhi said...

PHV i forgot- that is personal human values. and POA- psychology of adjustment. and i am not kidding about this- someone called bunny taught POA.