Thursday, March 08, 2007

notes from a normal mommy day

there IS a reason my mommies go on endlessly about their toddlers and their antics. and not all of them are cute.

picture this: every system has broken down. fag end of film post production and lady who helps clean the house etc has not got back from vacation. editor on leave. g and mum out of town. only pa and i holding fort. and two molars, one canine and one more nameless tooth decides to pop out of the gums this week- all in four days!

its 11 am and i have to run for a meeting at 11.30. not able to. sanah not in a mood to let go. shift meeting to after lunch- 1.30. 12.40: neatly dressed in crisp white top, sanah comfortable at pa's place and i am ready to set out. big potty done. no problem- clean up. baby decides to wriggle away. white top stained with poop! clean baby. give her a kiss. make her lie down. she falls into deep sleep- content.

12:50. grab any top from mum's cupboard. mismatched clothes. who cares. rush out. meet traffic jam from hell at andheri. late for the meeting.

on the way back realise that i missed calling j regarding some other work. battery of phone dead. why. forgot to charge last night. how do i explain to j why i did not call back between 1:30 and 2?

and now - i dont call because i just HAVE to buy groceries. all kitchen shelves almost empty. if i dont do it now i am late in cooking sanah's dinner and ours.

at the end of the day its nicer to blog about the fact that sanah pulled out all of papa's song books( the little hemant kumar, saigal etc etc books you can buy outside the railway station). spent the afternoon making him sing songs to her. and when i asked her what she did all afternoon- she put puckers her lips and goes laaaaaa in falsetto!

: )

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Space Bar said...

oh sweetie! i want to hear sanah sing! and you're gith blogging about it is much better tahn charging batteries. what the heck, no? phone calls are always there to make.