Saturday, March 03, 2007

okay, i worry about such things. its been a long while since i have done nothing other than my film and being with sanah.

more than the time, i dont have any energy left. and given the crazy traffic and rush in bby- am just not mobile anymore. so that has meant that i have not contributed to, or engaged with anything else other than my child, my work.

is this the first, and sure step towards being self-contained( not in a good way) , and using motherhood as a convenient excuse to not push oneself hard?

i am not putting down all that i am doing with sanah. its not time wasted.its the most wonderful time for me and her. and i am glad i worked on the film at home.and i took some tough decision- no maid for sanah etc etc. given g's daily commute nightmare - i am alone with sanah -no one to share responsibilities.but after this film?

i guess today was particulary bad - basically guilty because i thought i'd be able to pitch in for organising a film fest and have done zilch!

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