Tuesday, March 06, 2007

post script on kerala

g shaved off his beard and his head at the local barber's shop in his village. now sanah points to lokmanya tilak in an amar chitra katha comic and says- papa.

( dont ask why and how the comic came home-none of us remember. and the glossy covers of the comics are awful. i miss the old ones)


Mukul said...

yeah!! freedom is his birthright and he shall have it - george (minus bal) gangadhar tilak!!

sorry.. this is coming after an excrutiating day in the studio.. apologies!

The Mad Momma said...

when my dad shaved off his beard i screamed in terror and refused to go to him for almost a week. he was patient and then lost his temper, gave me a good smack and told me to stop the drama. I did. sheesh. what a little fraud... Sanah sounds so much more well behaved!!!