Tuesday, April 24, 2007

advice needed, part 2

once again i solicit your views on playschools.

i am uncomfortable with regimented play so early. and the threats these playschools and other mothers give- if you dont admit her now then you wot get admission into nursery - that gets my back up like nothing else.

but the point is- unimaginative disney characers on the walls- the same old rhymes and songs- will not take away from the fact that she will get to play with other kids everyday.

and paresh put it in convincing perspective- the less seriously parents and schools take this whole education thing- the more chance the child has of finding himself or herself.

so whats your take on all this?


The Mad Momma said...

oh.. can i rant and fill up your entire page? what is with the regimenting and nursery characters? why is there such a rush to teach the kids? we didnt go to school so early. i will only send the Brat if by the time the Bean starts crawling I dont have a maid for him. then i will need him to be out of the house for a few hours so that i can do my house work. otherwise i am keeping him home, however uncool it is, however illiterate he stays, however uncouth and antisocial it makes him. bah! :)


Space Bar said...

my son HATED the play school he went to. but i had no choice, living a si was in delhi and he was with my folks who needed some time off.

but don't. buy sanah a little box with sand, some other stuff and she'll amuse herself well enough.

if you've ever watched kids that age at play together, the thig is, they don't play together. they sit in the same apace and play their own games.

i hate disney.


Krishnapriyacr said...

surbhi....very true what 'space bar' said. Kids are real antisocial creatures till around 4. They do not know, want and cannot play with each other. Team work etc. etc. comes in later. But I did notice one thing..tho my two hate sharing things with each other and playing with each other, they love it when elder kids drop by and play with them.

They go ga ga over our neighbours (5 and 10 yr olds) who have boundless energy playing with these guys...
So I guess, play school might well wait,...socializing with our friends with kids and neighbours is a definite yes!!!!

surabhi said...

thanks tmm, spacebar and krishnapriyacr

more arsenal to argue back with g and my parents who think i am a control freak and over think everything.

they all think SHE needs time off from me!

but i do hate those disney folk and those boring rhymes with a passion.

anita & amit said...

we had to put n in bec she was surrounded by adults - amit, me and mom - all the time and needed her peers. we have no kids in the building. of cors, kids this age dont play together - they do something called parallel play - that sort of apart-but-together thing. i think it's good for them to be away from enthu moms like us. but honestly, like one pediatrician told me, if you can get six moms together (with their six kids, of cors!) and take turns with kid-watching once a week it's great. i hate disney too, but till i find those six moms, i think i'll go with the playschool crap! NOTHING can replace the being-with-kids thing for them - however nebulous the benefits seem to us...

surabhi said...

anita, remind me why kandivali and chembur feel like they exist at the opposite ends of this earth???

Poppins said...

Hey..I wish I had seen this earlier... That's great advice you got ! I know it now, I am so not putting poppin in play school. Bah to all those who think I should.