Tuesday, April 24, 2007

advice needed, part 3

and finally - fellow filmmakers - whats your take on distribution?

isint it time we take on distribution in a systematic , well worked out manner? i am tired of these individual strategies we device.


parotechnics said...

well it's my feeling filmmakers shouldn't have to be distributors! I've been happy with the individual strategy but I agree it gets really exhausting after a point. I guess more importantly, while I don't feel too dissatisfied with how my strategy works for my films - in the larger picture, for docs in general, the efforts of a handful of filmmakers who actually show other people's films are terribly inadequate. However people are doing it - Metaphor, Magic Lantern, Kriti - you can do non-exclusive distribution with all of them and I think it's working reasonably although there's lots of growth still needed. Maybe what's needed is for us to have serious relationships with these distributors and think of more dynamic ways to aid their distribution process?

Congratulations on new film by the way! Can't wait to see it..

surabhi said...

thanks paro.

you are so right about the fact that we need to build a serious realtionship with those who are trying to distribute.

btw when are you back?