Monday, April 30, 2007

hawa pani

she learnt the word aaba when she touched the ac vent in my father's car. she delighted over the word and the sensation. i said, hawa. she laughed and parroted, aaba.

in khandala we sat at the edge, looking at the valley below. the plants and her wispy curly hair danced. she shouted, aaba. i clutched her madly. we did a wild jig in the aaba.

i got the angle wrong and out poured cold water instead of hot. she held her palms out in the stream of water and said, aaba. i said no sanah, paani. she smiled and said, aaba mum ( her word for water)

so aaba is not i gave her a glass of water. she sternly said, no. aaba mum. obediently and meekly i got the cold water.

language is a storm in a tea cup.


Anarchytect said...

such a nice post. lovely.

consciously subconscious said...


paige said...

hi surabhi, i am a lamaze-trained childbirth educator and doula from the US, now living in bangalore. i would love to hear more about your experiences with childbirth here. if you're open to it, please e-mail me at thanks!

surabhi said...

thanks rohan and tapan.

paige, the first entry in my blog is about my delivery. but will mail you too. why did i not hear of you when i was in bangalore two years back!