Wednesday, April 18, 2007

a monday post on wednesday

a trifle late but wanted to post this.

K's 40th birthday- and surprise party for him. in town. so sanah and i set out late afternoon to borivali station. bravely hopped into the virar fast towards churchgate. at that time its not a brave feat, but the train was very late so a huge crowd was ready to jump in- thats why brave of me.

sanah on my hip i jumped in first, and grabbed my seat. ( you cant take the bby train warrior out of me even if i have an 11 kilo baby at my hip)

sanah was tripping, in the true sense of the word. and at some point a very very pregnant woman selling long bead necklaces came along. these are those tiny glass beads, and those very very long strings that you can wear around your neck or wrap around your wrist. she had a zillion of them hanging on her arm like a curtain. the tiny beads shimmering in the light. a young girl sat across us, with a couple of these wound around her wrist. she began looking at the ones the woman was selling. a sadhvi next to her did the same. so did i. and in her own way , so did sanah. four odd females of different ages gathered around this seductive shimmering curtain falling off the arm of a eight month pregnant lady. at some point the young girl chose her spoils- but the problem- the one she wanted was crazily entangled with the rest.

she worriedly tried to unentangle the beads. the sadhvi, me and sanah, in her own way, tried to help. the eight month pregnant woman abandoned her wares to us. she went around trying to find other buyers.

we continued this troublesome task. the girl getting very restless because her station was approaching. her own set of beads flashing the sun at me from her wrist.

the pregnant woman returns to see us with our worried expression and bursts out laughing. sanah joins in, in her own way.

the sadhvi and i smile and give up.

the train reached bombay central.

oh and by the way, the women storming in before the train stops at churchgate did make sanah's eyes widen. i had tried to tell her that now it will sound like fifty horses are going to gallop in, but because she has never heard real horses galloping she was startled. but bombay child that she is she did not cry.

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The Mad Momma said...

you took the virar local? ok.. so what if you took it against traffic.. it would still have been nuts... (kneels and bows)