Thursday, May 03, 2007

word taster

and now that she pottys(ies?) in the potty my mindspace is less and less engaged with the colour/texture/odour of glorious potty.

but mindspace still fully occupied with her- and language.

she would use a set of words for a couple of days, like a seasoned wine taster she would swirl the word on her tongue, roll it around and let it dribble/splash/spit it out of her mouth. then the word was discarded convincing us that she had forgotten the word. this went on for months. distressing my parents the most- why is she not talking. she was, but the words were strictly rationed.

what happens that one night/or day when the words begin to spill out, when sentences are formed, when all the words that had been pushed back came gushing forth. what has happened in that little head. now single words are seldom used. long sentences are used, never mind that many words in that long sentence continue to be unrecognisable.

now the word seems to come before action ( and at times comprehension!). now she says, anar do, and then points to the kitchen and the fridge. earlier she would go to the fridge, open it and then say anar.

discovery of language is that epic moment people write odes about!

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The Mad Momma said...

I love that last line.. you are so right... and yes.. we still have sentences punctuated with gibberish...