Friday, May 04, 2007

as you can see i finally have links to the blogs i read.

over time these blogs have become my addiction! i started by reading avimuk after i delivered sanah. it was to overcome the feeling of isolation that i felt having returned to my city after six years, a month before i delivered, and not being able to reconnect with my extended community of friends. avimuk's take on his days, the events, and people he had spent time with, soon wiped out that ' oh poor me, no one visits or calls' pathetic pondering. avimuk has a unique style of writing, as k put it perfectly, he takes the personal and converts it into a larger idea' much like his exquisite film.

avimuk led me to anarchytect. ah, that was a priceless discovery. scouring the city ( and not just south bombay that seems to be the city for most) for insights and perversities, for photos and reflections (both the physical and intellectual) ... and for his reviews of every film/play/art exhibition that he encounters - a more engaging ( and intelligent, please let me add) reviewer you will not find ( but he refuses to engage with arguements- i tried, maybe not hard enough)

and soon i entered a labyrinth of blogs. the delicious world of the printed word and illustration, the delectable world of online words and ideas, priceless musings on mundane and not so mundane moments, mad mommyhood, comic strips... this , that and the other. and i had myself a community!

... but only when my computer works, when the net connection is on, and when i have the time to sit and surf!


Anarchytect said...

thanks.. :)

Mukul said...

thank u baby!! kisses!