Monday, May 28, 2007

two tags

i tag all of you!

remember all the hindi rhymes from your childhood and post! so then all of us mothers in the blogging world have access to fun rhymes to sing or (in my case) bellow for our kids.

the one i loved- i wish i knew how to get devnagri onto this blog-

hindi version of humpty dumpty:

matku mal mudhkarke
baithe the diwaar pe
neeche aaye dhamak dhaiyo
rone baithe matku bhaia

raja aur sipahi aaye
taaza taaza makhan laye
raja bola le lo makhan
theek hoyega matku kaise

and sush gifted sanah a NBT book. one priceless rhyme in that:

cheeni daani mein cheenta cheenti
karien batein meethi meethi
cheenta bola, cheenti rani
chalo ghoomne bahar kahin

ps i did see cheeni kum. the rhyme is better. though AB is good, tabu as good. and everyone, from a dying six year old to a fiesty 80 year old speak in exactly the same way- wry, witty lines, straight out of a well written american sitcom( some of them have really well written lines)- though these are in hindi, and the director forgot this is a film not a tv show. start to end its dialogue driven! aah to live in a world where no one gushes, only sparkle with nasty wit- no one says anything- only retort- back and forth!

pps the six year old is the worst case of adult kids i have ever ever seen in a film. even the 'ma, hum gareeb hain na?' line is better. ok i tag you again- post the worst adult-kid line you remember from films.


Poppins said...

How about:
Chota Mota Makoda, Upar Chad Gaya
Neeche Aaya Baarish, Makoda bheeg gaya
Upar Aaya Suraj, Baarish Sookh gaya
Aur Phir se Chota Makoda Upar Chad Gaya

(Incy Wincy Spider).. Excuse the bad Hindi, I yam from South wonly. :)

SUR NOTES said...

thats really sweet. if i could get my punjabi tongue to be more flexible i would love to learn kannada, malayalam rhymes.

The Mad Momma said...

cant take up that tag but i hated that kid's role... did a post on how it annoyed me.