Wednesday, May 23, 2007

my milestones

photo by sandesh
around the time i began my blog...(i.e. i began doing what i have the horrors for-writing)

around the time i began sending my proposals fishing for money...none materialised!

around the time i began editing the film with diksha...

photo by ajay

completed the film and have to move on ...

so when did my identity get so fully connected to that of sanah?

it was not during pregnancy. that was a strangely still experience. i was content being by myself , my hand on my belly feeling the hiccups and the kicks... and gobbling food. i was my own universe.

i find it hard to go back to my pregnacy film. the experience is such an abstraction, all detail smudged into a blur. images would not be adequate in exploring that experience.

the other day ajay said that sanah had grown up. we tried to remember wha she was doing when i begn editing- was she crawling? i think she had begun to stand up holding the chair that diksha sat on. she knew where she wanted to be- behind that very chair- that was her peeing spot.

we dropped the day time feeding when all the sequences were done. the waking up a million times was during the time i could not crack te damn structure.

so by the time we had worked on the structure she had begun dancing to the music.

when did she begin really talking- the final rough cut or the rough fine cut?

why do i go on and on about the baby? why do i go on and on about the film- and slip in sanah stories?

i am sanah ki mummy as they say! there is no reclaiming of the original self. now that thats sorted out the blog can go.


Space Bar said...

When you say, 'the blog can go," you really mean...?

Please keep posting ya. Pretty please.

pappu poppins said...

pl keep posting!

Anarchytect said...

i join in the chorus

The Mad Momma said...

the blog can go? go where? are you going to stop posting? you cant do that.why??????????????????

surgeon said...

hey the blog cant go !

SUR NOTES said...

the mommy blog needs to transform. fewer rants form in my head. and writing my sanah in the city stories and my thoughts on films etc is more interesting at the moment.

atleast thats what i am thinking.

but hey,very nice for ego to know that people do actually read this blog.