Wednesday, May 30, 2007

the world at a different angle

put together a runway for a toy plane this morning. the runway is laid out on the map of the world. and this little JAL plane rattles in crazy circles all around the world. all the tags are written in japanese, and little figures are painted all across this world.

i thought it was the japanase tags that i did not understand. and soon enough realised, it was the world map that was not recognisable. where was india? africa? everything? a more concentrated peering and i realised, simple- japan was the centre of the world. then africa goes to the left corner, were one expects to see south america. and soon enough all the continents fell into place.

i wonder if japanese children study this map in school- not the standardised one we studied- or is it different in every country?

look at this southasia map that puts things into perspective.


Batul said...

caught up with your blog after a long time. and it was in fact, lovely to catch up with you the other day.

Sandeep Menon said...

How strange...i thought all political maps have the 'North' on the top edge of the visual plane. You r right, our eyes are so conditioned to seeing the world map in a particular way.It took me some time to make out the places in this S.Asia map.