Wednesday, June 06, 2007

and sanah?

moms who meet deadlines at work on a daily basis, who have to fire fight late evenings at office, etc etc. i can imagine how torn they must be everyday.

i banned sanah from my study yesterday. so her usual routine of doing her own thing three inches away from me while i work, was disrupted! and she was not pleased.

and then we all went off to mahim for the screening. george had refused to be thrown out of yet another screening to babysit sanah. sanah can sit through my long long film, but she has her own take on all the dancing in the film, so she has her performance worked out parallel to the film. and yes, she is more compelling than the film. i dont want the audience to watch her and not my film. so she is banned from screenings too. so here we were- wondering who sanah would spend her time with.

sarada carried her off to dadar to anand and sima. she loves both of them- but three hours in a new house- no sign of me and george. i was freaking out in my head.

a frantic call to check how she was doing led to low self esteem. sima could not even complete the conversation with me because sanah was listing out her demands- i overheard- chalo bahar- kauwa - something something.... she was wrapped up in a new set of discoveries.

but moms who have to worry about their kids while at work -every day - hats off.

but we did push her too much yesterday. no trace of that tiredness today but i slept feeling pretty shitty.


the mad momma said...

oh i dont know how they do it either. do you think we're more paranoid than paranoid and really need to get a life? I don't think so!! :p

the mad momma said...

hey email me at Something urgent has come up and I want to talk to you!

Anarchytect said...

just to say that i love all the new posts.