Thursday, June 14, 2007

dont cry over spilled milk?


not even when its the fifth time in the day? everyday since the past few months when we declared that sippers are for babies?
not even when one has just swept the crumbs away for the tenth time and its time to pick up the swab yet again?
really? one should not cry?

hmmm. then i guess its time i take up the job in nariman point, travel two hours in the rush hour in the morning, and two hours back in worse rush hour, in bombay locals. and be out of the house fourteen hours of the day.

lest you say i cry over spilled milk.


Banno said...

Hey, take care. It's horrid sometimes, I know, but guess what, it's not going to be that way forever. When they are little though, sometimes you think it's never going to be different, grrr!!

anita & amit said...

i hear u, babe. i understand it's not going to be like this for ever, but still!!! hey sms me your number and tell me what's a good time to call?

SUR NOTES said...

the husband is jealous that fellow mommies have rallied around me. :)
his struggle with bby goes unnoticed and unsung. but then he does not blog !