Monday, June 11, 2007

no fear of the sea now

the girl loves water, big water too , her name for the pool, canals etc, but not the sea. it freaks her out from up close. i guess the waves look like they are sheets of water coming from the skies above. i dont know what it is. content to dig sand on the beach, she refused the sea. that was in goa, beautiful, clear water goa.

and on a sunday, with juhu beach looking like churchgate station at 6:00 pm, fear took a back seat. our quiet beery sea view evening was disrupted by the maniac shouting "bahar". the papa scooped her up and went for a walk in the crowds. i sat nursing beer and conversations.

they return. the maniac and the papa maniac. wet. so it seems the father, ever eager to help his child overcome fear of the sea, allowed her to paddle in the water.

this is juhu beach. not goa. all of bombay's untreated sewer is emptied maybe a couple of yards away! i say- let her have her damn fear. the father thinks not. good malayali boy insane about hygiene etc, bathes at a drop of sweat, walked right into that water. the maniac loved it. no fear of the sea. the milling crowds and the fact that the water is so dirty, i doubt you could drown, must have swept away the fear.

i would have loved to clean her with bloody toilet cleaners if i could.

maybe she loved juhu more than any other pretty beach because this is where i would count bluebottles when i was a kid. its true. i am not ancient, but there was a time when the beach was littered with pretty bluebottles which would sting like mad if they got to you.


surgeon said...

i went in bit by bit. same with the swimming pool. and if anyone hurried me, my primary defence was to threaten to puke... forgive me i was two.

ajay noronha said...

o let's go to goa this monsoons!!

Banno said...
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Banno said...

Yes, I remember a time like that too, when Juhu was a beautiful picnic spot, out of the mad rush of the city, quiet, clean. Well, well!

Glad S got over her fear of the sea however. A was about six when she even went into the pool without making a fuss, and it took all of V's patience to get her swimming.

Kuntal said...

We've been taking Meha swimming to a kiddie pool where her feet can touch the floor. She yells "chhap chhap" with much gusto and slams the water around. Sometimes while walking to grab the ball she slips and goes under - glub - one of us quickly rescues her. Enthu dampens for a bit till something else gets her attention and she's back to enjoying the water. The other day I took her into a regular pool and I think she never understood why her feet are not touching the floor here! She kept saying "down down" wanting me to release her. HOWEVER, the one time we've taken her to the sea has been unsuccessful. Madam is not only apprehensive about the "big big" pani but oh so finicky about getting her feet muddy !!

SUR NOTES said...

surgeon, thats a damn good strategy. will make sure sanah comes no where near you to learn devious strategies!

aj, lets!

banno, yes, i will always have a soft spot for juhu beach

kuntal, next time we visit you take both the girls into the pool. your job, ok?

Kuntal said...