Thursday, June 07, 2007

old friends

a fellow blogger mom called yesterday. she has a real name, a clear voice and she also has to yell at her child in the middle of a 'work' phonecall. we are for real!!!

many moons ago i had worked on a film called kumar talkies by pankaj. i joined him when he was editing his material. i spent weeks seeped in his truly wonderful footage ( shot beautifully by mukul). i was enjoying every minute. and afer weeks of structuring the material we figured we needed to go back to kalpi, a tiny town in UP, to shoot some more. i insisted on going along.
it was the strangest experience. while walking down the lanes on the first day i knew that if you turn right you will hit the main market, i knew who lived in which house near kumar talkies. we bumped into someone- i knew his voice before he spoke. everytime we walked around and pankaj waved at various people, i knew who had a great sense of humour, who was surly, and who mumbled through his paan. it was eerie. the familiarity was unsettling. i even waited for the azaan, knowing it would be, two ...there it was...yes, the same besura notes hit with such passion that it sounded beautiful.

yesterday's phonecall was like going to kalpi. i did not know the name , nor the voice, but it was not our first conversation.


Mukul said...

:) lovely post sur!

surgeon said...

yes i like very much too

the mad momma said...

awww...may i link up?! by the way, I tagged you. come and get it.