Tuesday, June 05, 2007

render unrender

and why do i listen to people and try and add a couple of more sub-titles on the day i have a screening? and the software does a googly and unrenders all the sub titles!

and poor sanah can not fathom why she is not allowed into the study today. she potters all around me when i am working,but not today- she has been banned. and so she has been weepy and annoyed. and diksha and i try and stay calm and render all subtitles again. actually diksha renders, and i turn to my blog for comfort.

i can imagine dala and batul gasp- they truly understand. and ajay and mukul know of my last minute syndrome so they will not be surprised.

but all will be well.

to come back to sub-titles- i suspect if you add a few people expect it all through. a Jamaican cult film "Harder they come" is the way to go. Sub-titles come and go effortlessly. When patwa (dala, patois in patois is spelt patwa) is spoken sub-titles appear. and just when you get used to the accent the sub-titles disappear.

lets see - after this screening will i add some more or delete chunks.


Space Bar said...

oh shit on toast! i hope you manage to get it done...sheesh! take deep breaths and try not to freak out.

lots of love

sonal said...

loved it.. so many things in it, cant stop thinking about it..and those women were just amazing!

SUR NOTES said...

d, no i did not freak out. its happened before. some software glitch. got the dump out at 4:45. i left home at 5.

sonal, was thrilled to see you there. thanks.

the mad momma said...

how do i get to see ur film?! :(

SUR NOTES said...

hey madmomma,

will be coming to delhi with the film in aug. will send you the details.

andofcourse for moms- special DVD screenings, at home, always possible!

Mukul said...

crazy crazy.. i almost felt like asking but did you try undoing the last action - sometimes that undoes the unrendering as well.. madness.

Banno said...

Can imagine the anxiety. And can imagine why you would turn to your blog for comfort. I missed the screening. I've been busy chasing up CFSI for my payment, as I was that day. It's becoming a Kafkaesque nightmare. But I'm glad it went well.