Thursday, June 28, 2007

surviving, thriving

me: surviving
she: thriving

expected? familiar?
everyone smirking/smiling?
and all nod, but ofcourse she is thriving, and if you loosened up you would do more than survive.

and i meekly try and say- she is fine, pretty thrilled actually, but you see she seems disturbed by this new routine, not too happy that the mother is not around every hour or two. the babysitter and her five year old niece are her best friends now but she has learnt tantrum throwing from the five year old. my daughter did not do that. see , she is learning aggression...see...see...

but she can distinguish between the cry of a peacock and a koel. she chases quirrels , skips the s and often the whole word and calls them cats everynow and then. she weeps copious tears when she realises that now she will see her baby sitter and the chhoti didi only the next morning. she has renamed rahul- he is called tom. and his wife- something that sounds like shwashhhhti. she wakes up and demands to see them. and now that shaaaada is here, i am rudely told, mamma ja. kahan ? sanah kahan bhej rahi ho mujhe? the reply. ja!

so i survive the fact that my daughter thrives, with or without me constantly hovering around her, or she hovering around me.

dont laugh if you see my pathetic morose face.

more workshop notes when i recover from this sad new development in my life.

the dancing peacocks have added pathos to the setting.


the mad momma said...

:( sigh.. and we're already indispensible..prepare for dotage.

Space Bar said...

tmm: surely you mean, 'we're already dispensable'? sur, wait still school starts. that's real heartbreak. they look at you and cry as if you've betrayed them in some unforgivable way...sigh...