Friday, June 15, 2007

useless shoes

am off to meet two babies tomorrow- two week old atiya and ten month old ruth.

went shopping for gifts and could not remember what is a sensible gift for a two week old baby. so did what i used to before i became a mother- bought the silliest, prettiest little shoes. must be some latent shoe fetish but i always fell in love with those little little shoes. all the mothers would sigh and say, so pretty, so useless. now you would think that someone who was the mother of a two week old 21 months back should know this. not only did i shun the shoes, but also the pretty pretty socks. its too damn hot in our country to be putting socks on little babies.

but these were adorable lace, blue ribboned shoes. the baby's elder sister had been gifted yellow checked sporty shoes when she was that little. the mother is going to gasp, not sigh this time. 'sur, you know how useless these are!!! ' maybe little atiya will wear it for some photo op!

and ten month old ruth. thats closer home, so bought sensible gifts for her.

its almost as if everything that existed six months back has been wiped clean, erased from memory.


B o o said...

The last line is so true in my case! Good that I started a blog otherwise I would have no memories of anything! ;)
Same pinch on the shoes. The other day I bought gifts for my friends new born baby and the gift bag had the cutest little booties and shoes in them! :)

anja said...

hey sur so nice to see you at my blog. i feel very special when you drop by. you are my favorite blogger. I get my fix of motherhood, drama, bombay, angst and emotion all in one place. I like, i like. Your balcony crisis was very well handled God bless Rao aunty..=) I wholly support your thinking blog award, reading your blog makes me feel like I've been reading a good book. I wish I could have been at Awishkar to watch your film, congratulations on completing it, you are cool to have finished a film with little Sanah running around, I should stop whining and start workign myself. BTW your blog is looking very evolved now, how oh how do you post links? Do you have to add it in the html code everytime you write a post that includes a link? i am technologically challenged=( I know you have a million other things to do but if its not super complex to explain in a comment would you? or send a link that explains it, please.
Yup Anika grew up so quickly, I can't believe the pace..from a little squirmy baby in my arms she is walking around with a spoon in one hand and a toy in the other chasing our cat Palu relentlessly...she gives us lectures on the dining table in her own language her bhav makes it clear she did not like the khichdi today! Amazing stuff watching this little person grow..

SUR NOTES said...

boo : i guess we can be practical people only for our own children. we are allowed to be mushy and silly for others!

anja : wow, such a long post saying only nice things to me. you made my day. but welcome back.and keep writing about anika and your films. and dont fret if it takes time before you are back at work. i had an angel working with me thats why i was able to finish my film!!!i might have given up the film if she had not been there. i am talking about my editor.

Banno said...

Glad to know you've forgotten too. I used to feel so foolish when I could not remember what little babies needed, or how they had to be handled, or how I done something in particular months after I had done it. Thought I was a errant mom.

NainaAshley said...

Little babies have all they need and usually more than they need, so anything cute is game! cute shoes or booties should do just fine.

SUR NOTES said...

banno: we ARE errant mothers. good news for our children, if you ask me. ( never ask them!!!)

naninashley: you are right. actually the mom smiled and did not yell at me. they are so pretty-these little little shoes.