Wednesday, June 06, 2007

a world without giggles?

55 minutes into the screening- " is this really your final cut?"

i did not know if i should roll my eyes, be stern, or what. so i did what i do when i am stumped- i giggled and said "yes....sorry...."

in the film institute the craziest comments were when people would troop into the main theatre to see rushes of films they had no clue about. these are 35 mm rushes - so silent. after watching the rushes everyone would troop out silently, as if they were in mourning. some would approach the director, put a consoling hand on the shoulder and say " dont worry, something will come out of this after you do the sound"

i never knew if i should spit in rage or ignore. so again i would do what i do best- i would giggle and say, " you really think so- thank god"

giggling is good. it saves you from being rude/ angry/heartbroken. and puts things into perspective.

the friend who asked if this was really my fine cut makes short films- very short. he sat next to me and i could sense his impatience with shots that went on- and there are many- they go on and on and on. ramani's camerawork sustains that rhythm beautifully. and i hate cuts that are there to give information -the cut away to establish the place - the long shot/mid shot to show the location - the close up to reveal the emotion. ramani's long takes go through the paces organically. while editing, thats what i tried to pick up and hold.

so at the end of the day i have a long film. i just can not be apologetic about it.

oh what i would do without a giggle!

but the screening was wonderful. first because it was in a theatre space - the equivalent to chhabildas until the mid nineties. as the projector came on and the film began i sat back and took in the whole space- the black wings, the black backdrop. i was thrilled that my film on music was being screened on a theatre stage. as if all my worlds had collapsed into one.

chetan, from awishkar gave a really sweet introduction. said i was first from the theatre and then moved into film.

kishore kadam, suhita, -- all in the audience- my co actors from the plays we had done.

yes, it was truly exciting screening my film in awishkar.


Mukul said...

hey cheers!! looking forward to the next screening.

Space Bar said...

oh good! of course, i would try not to giggle and instead stare haughtily at such questionsers, but i know the urge to giggle...