Monday, July 02, 2007

how the child brought a divine smile on the father's face

no, the child did not do anything sublime, nor did she do anything to make us think she is a special over achieving child.

all she did was this: papa and nana watching cricket match. and the child prancing around doing her own thing looked over her shoulder at some point and said, "wow, good ball."

the father looked like he might weep with joy.

and the child was not displaying any special tedulkaresque cricket brilliance ( have you not seen him at two holding a cricket bat? we are supposed to have seen his great mastery at work in that photo). All she did was preempt the father and nana exclaim good ball. She must have seen a glow build up on the two faces and casually said the magic words.

and when she got the response she did- smart cookie that she is, realised that maybe these are the magic words to get her papa and nana to laugh, hug and smother her with kisses.

the magic faded fast especially when she said good ball to the south africans hit some indian for a four or something.


Poppins said...

hilarious !

Mystic Margarita said...

Hilarious - couldn't stop smiling for a good five minutes! :) What's with dads and their obsession with cricket? My baby is all of 6 months and his dad already wants him to follow in the footsteps of Sachin! He even carved out card board in the shape of a cricket bat for Popol! Sheesh!