Saturday, July 14, 2007

more rhymes

this one more demented than the last.

from my mother:

kithe gai si? ( punjabi for , where did you go?)

and sanah answers, with utmost seriousness, bahar.

this one makes my mother chuckle in delight!

no wonder that i turned out as demented as i did!


dipali said...

This one I learnt from my late m-i-l.
'Headmaster mar gaya, pittan gaye si'
Quite macabre!

Mukul said...

our u.p. answer to that was

raja ke ghode ne paad mari thi
usi ko main soonghne gayi thi

sorry :D

SUR NOTES said...

dipali: gosh that is- but so many of the little ditties we know are macabre, strange, and delightful!

mukul: fitting answer- and my mom remembered this answer too.

Mukul said...

thank god.

i thought i was the only dirty one.