Wednesday, July 18, 2007

my friend tom and other phone calls

tom is not tom, he is actually rahul. why he was renamed remains a mystery. the renaming was done by sanah, no ceremony, no fan fare, just a simple renaming without blinking.

this was in the institute where i was last month. tom and his wife shwashteeee were the highlight of her trip, apart from the mor and shaaada who came visiting.

Ever since we have come back she makes a call twice a day -to tom. she picks up my cell, the landline, the comb, a katori, anything....and holds it to her ear. And then goes onto discuss, complain, narrate, argue about all kinds of things. She begins with, oh tom, hi... and then laughs, and continues. Twice a day, regularly.

I found it cute and adorable, annoying when i would shout at her and she would grab the phone and complain to tom. I never followed the complete drift of the conversation because all telephonic exchanges were made while walking. i am a walker when i talk on the phone (one more reason for my terrible fatigue). so i did not think too much about sanah walking and talking.

until today. she comes up to me and says ajay phone. i indulged and called up ajay and gave her the phone. she took the phone...oh hi... and then walked rapidly off wih the phone in hand. and thats when i got it. she begins the conversation and waddles off to the next room....for privacy!!!! when i ask for the phone back she says, no mamma, mine talk, plish...needless to say i grab it back.

dammit she is not even two. and thats why i never got the full drift of her long sweet nothings with tom, she had walked away to have her conversation, in private. what do we expect when she begins dating?????

remind me to get the spycams and tapping devices.

first the technology and then we will try the whole- you and i are friends... you can tell me me.... ( by the way i am the sucker who fell for this line and told my mom EVERYTHING. the parents saved a whole lot of time and effort spying and second guessing. yes, i am the one with idiot stamped on my head!)


Space Bar said...

hee hee! this is hilarious!

s hasn't yet got to the private phone call thing, but i guess its' just a matter fo time.

ajay noronha said...

hahaha!...that was wild!...o but i've decided to call and ask to talk to her ONLY! every morning!! now let's see!!

surgeon said...

shes two and talks on the phone!?
im amazed

i'd like to see this.

karmickids said...

Just lovely, I can see you installing spy track technology when she's 15.... probably the brat will be out there wooing her too!!!

SUR NOTES said...

space bar: i think its because i sneak into the other room when i get 'work' calls. she just copies EVERYTHING i do, making me realise how silly/odd/funny we must look to the kids.

aj: and dont go teaching her subversive things. after the call yesterday she kept repeating, aj paas jana hai. many distractions later she forgot.

chitra: it does not resemble a real conversation. its peppered with sounds, ok, and mumma mara, papa bahar, etc etc

karmickids: lets start exchanging notes and strategies now itself, what say???

sushma said...

this is beautiful but she has been doing this for sometime now , love her pranks and you better watch out
and behave so that she learns good things in life

SUR NOTES said...

yes motherji. just as i learnt such GOOD things from you!