Saturday, July 14, 2007

no photos on the net

k.k. mahajan passed away yesterday.

i doubt i would be wrong in saying that after ritwik ghatak, it is kk mahajan's work that has left an overwhelming impact on the students from the film institute. renu saluja and kk mahajan were the two most regular visitors to the campus, they would get as involved with the students on campus as they would with the workshop they were conducting. it was a privilege to peep into their conversations with the cinematography/editing students. and then to lurk on the road outside the studio, or the mess for a longer, more extended conversation.

i spent most of yesterday trying to find stills from his films, and there was little i found. very very little. just goes to show that it is only an illusion that the intenet is a mine of information and material.

his filmography and this does not include his non fiction work. bhuvantarana being the most stunning of his non-fiction work.

from bhuvan shome:

from kasba:


Space Bar said...

sur, not really true. here:

lots of his stuff there.

SUR NOTES said...

yeah, got the bhuvan shome still from this site. but nothing nothing of his work with kumar shahani-except this one still. and one boring still from uski roti.
i guess i went nuts looking for bhuvantaran

Space Bar said...

ya...i guess not. i'm sure graftii will have an archive of shots, no?

jabeen said...

There's a better filmography for him on IMDB, but it's not complete

Praba has been working very hard these last few months to fill in the gaps. Her dedication to him is just astounding.

Praba said...

this is not meant to sound like a dissenting note..
but "Bhavanatarana" ( dir. Kumar Shahani) was actually photographed by Alok Upadhyay, also from the FTII, and a long-time associate of K K's.
In fact as recently as Nov.2006,
K K was overseeing the production of a new print of this film. He was so moved by Alok's work that he asked me to send Alok an email about it.
if possible, will try to locate the email and forward it to you.

K K would be very happy to know how all of you feel about him and his work....
Praba Mahajan

SUR NOTES said...

oops. big big faux pas at my end.

but i guess one can see the impact of his style on his associates.

must revisit his filmography in my head and see what are the films that i have assumed to be shot by kk mahajan

Uttara said...

Hello there
Here are some stills from Kumar Shahani's films shot by KK:
Khayal Gatha:

Char Adhyay:

A clip from Tarang here:

Admittedly not great stuff on the net.