Monday, July 16, 2007

on films and cutting cuts

A story on filmmaking that has rattled on in my head for two days.

I was speaking with priya after i saw her film on tv. and as we rambled on from this film to the next she moved onto Percy. A precious film that i saw many moons ago, i remain bewitched by it.So ever eager for any scrap on how the film was made, and i listened on.

It seems that the film was planned as a series of three to four minute long sequences. And each sequence was designed for a perfect match cut to the next mise-en-scene. Designed with precision, and executed to perfection by the cinematographer navroze, priya had a cut that was eight hours long! A cut that seamlessly moved from the start to the end, with a lyrical pace that matched the script -in short she was tearing her hair about how to cut something like this.

But what an eight hour cut that must have been.

Ofcourse, the final film was 110 minutes. What happened between that eight hour cut and the little less than two hour cut is material for an interview- not some anecdotal writing in a blog!

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Space Bar said...

you every time you said priya, i never figured you meant priya k! say hi to her (though she won't remember me) - tell her i went to school with her sis and would be wonderful if she could give me whereabouts etc.