Monday, August 20, 2007

bye bye

bye bye diksha, bye bye chitra.

one is off to srfti, and the other to john hopkins.

i could not have compleed my film without diksha. simple. and i would not have had the patience she had- her first assignment- located in a chaotic house, with a ten month old baby, no maid, and 80 hours of footage. she gently said, on her first day, i am not a baby loving person. no problem, i said, i understand. but there is a ten month old baby around. she smiled.

by the time we finished the film sanah was one year and 8 months. she had learnt to walk holding onto diksha's chair on wheels. under the chair was her favourite susu, and on occassion, her potty place. i weaned her in front of the computer, diksha having to tolerate my long distraction games so the child would not want her feed. many afternoons i would go in to get sanah to sleep, and instead of taking ten minutes, i would emerge after an hour or so,having dozed off along with her, reeling under the lack of sleep from the night before. days and days of khichdi lunches, since i did not want to take a break from work to cook. she was one hard nut, who tolerated it all. became the centre of sanah's life. and most importantly, lasted through it all.

i doubt i would have been that patient.

she is going to be one hell of an editor in three years. all the best diksha.

and chitra, i met her in dec at the krit workshop. you can spot nice madness in an instant. and i spotted it. warmed upto it instantly.

and when i was looking for someone to do my graphics rohan gave me her nmber. our first meeting, and i knew she had got the film. and then i saw her other work- it was much more than nice madness- makes you sit up and make your eyes go booooiiiing!

all the best chitra, hope we dont lose you to the academic world fully. draw your comic strips in that space- wow what texts would emerge from that. looking forward.

i better stop- another few sentences and i will becoe the aunty with tears saying, oh how far they are going, take wicked...

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surgeon said...

surabhi you will never be aunty

I had so much fun wrking on the film!
heres to more films in the future! I hope i can make the posters for all of them

i will keep in touch
hasta la vista baby!