Friday, August 24, 2007

dead end conversations!

i shout:
sanah, jab mein kuch mana karti hun tumhe sunaiyi nahin deta kya
sanah, when i say no to you cant you hear what i am saying?!

answered earnestly:
nahin mumma, nahin sunta
no mamma, i cannot hear what you are saying

i shout louder:
dekho phirse kitna ganda kar diya
look you have messed up the place again

i spy an indignant pout curling up
yeh ganda nahin hai
this is not a mess.

rolling eyes, pulling hair, losing temper are all seen as priceless displays of joker type behaviour.


Poppins said...

Lol. Is she the epitome of the cool cat then? These kids !

Gauri said...

Oh - Just you wait Surabhi - it just gets better !! :-)

Now - you did not need to hear that, did ya ? :-)

the mad momma said...

you are tagged

SUR NOTES said...

poppins: i dont know about her- i am the epitome of joker type behaviour!

gauri: i met a three year old and a four year old yesterday- realised that it only gets better!

mad momma: i should have made this an anonymous blog! but i shall take up your tag nevertheless...

Moppet's Mom said...

LOL! Kids today...

Sunita said...

:) What do I say ...just that I look forward to similars coming up soon in my dome ..Not sure if i will find it cute then.

Swati said...

"Nahin Sunta" ..hehehehe ..LOL