Wednesday, August 01, 2007

fully faltu

i read a lot of blogs and see many many photos.

but then you stumble upon photos that make you realise that the photograph designer/conceptualiser is deliciously cracked.

in this post, the first photo is of an adorable baby. fair enough. the second photo -now that has to be a deliciously cracked person who conceptualised the photo, four days after a c section she trips around like this. i like i like.

and this : we do know he is a great cinematographer who is a cracked man!i like i like.


Mukul said...

oye! i just saw this. mwah to you!

NainaAshley said...

cool pics!
Loved your post about happy la la. Its funny how kids make up a whole new language.

anja said...

hey sur love the pic of the bldg in the night, what a great shot..your blog has a real indie feel to it..artiste you are..